When Good Enough

Isn't Good Enough

Maior works with organizations ready to break the mold. We improve financial performance, create and maximize processes, and develop new strategies with tactical and practical execution.

We dive deeply and quickly, understand your goals and quirks, and make noticeable improvements step by step, starting immediately.

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Welcome to a Bigger Future
More Profitable, Efficient, and Strategic

Maior operates as a part-time C-Suite resource to fit your needs and budget, or as your strategist and change agent to solve specific issues you're facing in your business.

Either way, you get the speed and precision usually found in Fortune 500 C-Suite executives with a track record of navigating across functions and issues without a full-time hire.


Increase your revenue and control your costs. Developing your sales and marketing strategy, expense management, vendor renegotiation, and everything else that brings money through the door and to your bottom line.


PROCESS Improvement

Escape your reactive problem solving. We create processes that help every department in your company run efficiently, bring consistency to how you deliver your products or services, and help your employees recognize what “good” looks like every time.



Scale your company with confidence. From creating or refining your plan given your current posture, strengths, and market realities, to tactical steps ensuring flawless execution.


Maior is Flexible, Executive-Level Expertise  Available on a Monthly or Per Project Basis.


Systems Improvement, User Experience,
Knowledge Management


Strategy Execution, Change Management, Policies + Procedures, Process Optimization, Vendor Management


Business Planning, Trend Analysis + Reporting, KPIs, Cost Savings, M&A


Brand, Thought Leadership,  Leads


Go-to-Market Strategies, Training, Playbooks, Proposal Support, Performance Analysis + Improvement


Culture, Diversity, Retention, Recruiting,
Onboarding, Succession, Compensation


Space Planning + Optimization,
Standard Operating Procedures

Market Analysis

Peer Benchmarking, Customer + Industry Trends, Pricing Support

Our Results

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Boosted Revenue and Improved Processes

BDO’s consulting division had grown rapidly through acquisitions, but had not integrated the companies, updated its infrastructure, or created a business planning process, leading to a lack of cohesive strategy and alignment across business lines.

Created a streamlined infrastructure and revenue-boosting planning process, increasing year-over-year revenue by +23%

Increased Profit Margins and Morale

Bicoastal entertainment law firm needed to manage the cultural and financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business.

Increased profit margin by +30% and named a "Best Place to Work" in NYC and LA

Increased Deal Wins and Profit Margin

KPMG’s consulting division wanted to increase revenue through deal wins without sacrificing margins, but the cost of labor was increasing and down-market competitors charged lower prices.

Overhauled deal support leading to more wins, and designed a new staffing model to lower cost of labor

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