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Maior specializes in elevating professional services firms, early-stage companies, and boutique to mid-sized businesses.

Our bespoke strategies are tailored to help drive revenue growth, workplace excellence, and process efficiency while navigating successful expansions across geographic locations, service offerings, and client sectors.



Maior creates the right ecosystem for client and employee satisfaction in a crowded marketplace while improving your financial footing.

Financial Performance
Drive better results with sophisticated sales and marketing strategies for predictable and growing revenue, better client engagement, prudent cost management, vendor optimization, and operationally efficient staffing models.

Process Improvements
Revamp your firm’s processes for uniform excellence in service delivery, reinforcing your capacity to exceed client expectations, ensuring your client-facing professionals have the support they need, and creating smooth transitions from new hires to retiring rainmakers.

Strategic Growth
Bolster your firm's market footprint and diversify your services through strategic planning and execution that capitalize on your unique strengths, clear market positioning, and cultivation of a culture that's recognized as best-in-class.



Maior turns your innovation and potential into profitable expansion, operational resilience, and investor confidence.

Financial Performance
Forge a sustainable financial path and bring revenue to the bottom line quicker through meticulous financial planning, smart resource allocation, and strategic sales initiatives, all while ensuring you're primed for pivotal board and investor interactions.

Process Improvements
Craft a framework of operational excellence with scalable processes that guarantee quality and efficiency. Maior turns limited resources into exceptional value, from pilot programs to unique staffing models, that help you maintain lean operations while driving quality and rapid iteration.

Strategic Growth
Navigate your expansion with precision and foresight. Maior's strategic planning bolsters your market position and prepares you to leverage insights effectively, ensuring each decision aligns with your long-term vision and immediate goals for securing valuable partnerships and investment opportunities.



Maior amplifies your strengths - agility, specialization, and personalized service - and crafts tailored strategies to stand out against larger competitors.

Financial Performance
Amplify your financial health with custom strategies for sales growth and cost efficiency, coupled with judicious financial planning and cash flow management to ensure that your hard-earned revenues translate into higher profit margins and long-term financial resilience.

Process Improvements
Elevate your operations to thrive even when resources are stretched. Maior's process optimization ensures every team member can deliver exceptional service consistently. By combining better processes with versatile staffing solutions—including part-time, fractional, and virtual talents—we enable your business to stay nimble and effective.

Strategic Growth
Propel your business forward by seizing new opportunities with confidence. Our strategic insights enable you to maintain your boutique appeal while expanding your reach and capabilities, ensuring that every growth step is a stride toward greater market impact and customer loyalty.

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